Procedural versus Diegetic applications.

picture shows user tracing a route in a mobile app

The use of narrativity in interactive applications is far from something simple. And here we are not dealing with the intrinsic complexities of a script writing, but distinct narrative methods that could even disregard the use of scripts all along. This directly reflects the simple fact that a narrative is…

Time for a big-picture discussion concerning experience in the area of user experiencies.

illustration of a kid reading a book in a messy colorful classroom

The tragic consequences of the COVID-19 in our lives are broadly covered in everyday news, so that we can skip that part for now. It is fair to claim that among the overwhelming spread of the virus itself, we witness the rapid spreading of a certain COVID-19 lifestyle. We deal…

Tradução moralmente obrigatória do artigo de Dirk Philipsen em Aeon

A realidade vigente é mais uma vez tentar romper a agonia de uma pandemia mundial e a desumanidade duradoura da opressão racista. Trabalhadores da saúde arriscando suas vidas pelos outros, redes de ajuda mútua capacitando comunidades, fazendeiros entregando alimentos para clientes em quarentena, mães formando filas para proteger os jovens…

Painting from Urbino, dated 1480, showing a city with perfect proportions

There is a very specific point in western culture where the control over images was deeply transformed from free abstraction (a more semantic construction of imagery) to an objectivity-based, or better, mathematically biased depiction of concepts.

Semiotically, the depiction of anything, however technical and accurate, is faded to be, ultimately…

woman touches an equipment that simmulates raindrops, while looks at painting

Why do I insist so much that the UX (human-machine relationship) is a function so closely related to a social/biological condition, even more than simple system design? Because the human interface — which every effort of UX makes use of to provide humanly appropriate applications and processes — is a…

Beyond a system that struggles to frame all — a system that does not frame at all.

Mirrored girl on a row of lockers stare at the clock on the wall.

Before you get started with a project that takes gender under consideration, stop and question yourself with honesty: What are you using this information for?

And, in case you still consider using this information, I have two pieces of bad news to share:

  1. It would surprise you the overall uselessness…

Marcus Lyra

Master: Semiotics of Cult. Tartu, Estonia, Meios e Processos ECA-USP, História Social/Arte (PUC-SP), Com/Semiótica (Anhembi) {culture, communication technology}

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